Tantra of Relationships Workshop

Cultivate a deep and profound intimacy in your partnership

Integrate your relationship as a sincere part of your spiritual path

Manifest your ideal partner or improve the one that you have


Tantra of Relationships deeply explores the various facets of how to make your relationship a sincere part of your spiritual practice. You will study the archetypes of spiritual relationships towards a more fulfilling, loving and spiritual partnership. These teachings will guide you into a deeper understanding of each other and tools for how to navigate challenging moments. You will have the knowledge to help you maximize your ability to evolve using your partnership and step into a space of true love.


If you find yourself often single or in dysfunctional relationships, come to the workshop and learn how to identify the unhealthy patterns and change them. It is not necessary to attend the workshop with a partner. If you do not have a partner at the present moment, take advantage of these teachings now and learn how to manifest a fulfilling relationship in your life.





  • It is not required to have a partner to take the workshops. And although the workshops generally have even numbers of men and women, if you come without a partner, Agama can not guarantee you will be provided one. 
  • Practical exercise vs theory lecturing - The workshops generally offer 30-60 min of exercise per 3 hour session, with the remainder comprising of lecture on Tantric theory.


Dana Coman - This workshop taught me about love and relationships. Before I took this workshop I thought I knew what love was, but I was wrong. Loving someone unconditionally and with purity is what true love really is. Letting go of old patterns and conditioning can be the hardest thing to do but also most liberating at the same time. Live and learn for yourself by experiencing this in your life. You have nothing to lose. Find harmony and fulfillment in your life by learning the way to evolve together in a tantric relationship. 




ESSENCE OF TANTRA: How to become a Tantric practitioner: men have orgasm without ejaculation, woman develop deep, implosive orgasms, fertility, menstruation, transfiguration, etc.


EVOLVING THROUGH TANTRA: Bringing awareness to unconscious programming in relationships, overcoming inhibitions and refining sexuality through rituals.

*Tantra Fundamentals or Essentials is a pre-requisite for this workshop.


TANTRA OF RELATIONSHIPS: How to make your relationship part of your spiritual path. Models, tips and facts to enhance our understanding and connection with one another.

*There are no pre-requisite as it forces solely on relationship dynamics.



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