Tantra Intensive Package

The Complete Tantric Experience

Explore the mystery of spiritual eroticism with the Tantra Intensive Package.

 In purchasing this package, over the course of three workshops you will experience:

Essence of Tantra offers you a solid foundation of knowledge for becoming a Tantric yogi. You will learn the basics of Tantric philosophy - looking into its roots, history, and classifications - allowing you to embrace the necessary mentality for practicing Tantra. It is important that the mind is properly purified and aligned to be able to truly create the space to enter into sacred sexuality. You also learn the yogic knowledge of Brahmacharya, sublimation, chakras and polarity of energy to build on this foundation. A complete hatha yoga practice will be given to support practitioners in their Tantric training.

In our Evolving through Tantra workshop, first we facilitate a space for you to inquire about your limiting beliefs around sexuality and then provide support for you to overcome your inhibitions, shame, and fear on this topic. We follow this process with teachings about rituals to guide you into profound and sacred Tantric practices.

Pre-requisite: It is highly recommended that you first take Essence of Tantra prior to taking Evolving through Tantra so that you have the basic knowledge of how to be a Tantric practitioner.

Tantra of Relationships Workshop focuses solely on relationships. There are very few teachings in this workshop about Tantric sexuality. This workshop deeply explores the various facets of how to make your relationship a sincere part of your spiritual practice and evolution.

We explore why one would want to be in a relationship on the spiritual path and define a Tantric relationship. We use different models to guide people into more fulfilling, loving and spiritual partnerships. We offer teachings for a couple to maximize their ability to evolve using their partnership.


The Tantra Intensive: (Essence, Evolving, Relationship) is available in package deal $850 for all three workshops. This offer is only available prior to Essence of Tantra starting. 


  • It is not required to have a partner to take the workshops. And although the workshops generally have even numbers of men and women, if you come without a partner, Agama can not guarantee you will be provided one. 
  • Practical exercise vs theory lecturing - The workshops generally offer 30-60 min of exercise per 3 hour session, with the remainder comprising of lecture on Tantric theory.

Email info@agamayogaindia.com if you wish to take the course and have any additional questions.



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