Serpent Power Intensive

Date: October 3-9
Free intro lecture & Registration Oct 1 (Sun) at 11:30am
Venue: Hotel Nirvana Palace


The intention of this retreat is to offer students the experience of an intensive period of practice, consecrated to the arousing of Kundalini.

Please note: This course has no connection with the branded "Kundalini Yoga" of Yogi Bhajan

To many, Hatha yoga is regarded simply as the practice of physical postures, with, perhaps some breathing exercises and is often treated as little more than an exercise routine. To believe that this is all that Hatha Yoga is about is to do this truly amazing system a grave injustice. Hatha Yoga is the yoga of balance; of achieving balance between the two polarities of our being, the solar and lunar, male and female, yin and yang. It is only once we have achieved balance that we are able to experience the transcendent, neutral state which exists in the fine line between these polarities.

In this retreat we will be using the core practices of Hatha Yoga in order to bring about the state of Dhyana (meditation), and to propel ourselves deeper into those states.

To quote yogi Svatmarama in Hatha Yoga Pradipika:

"I salute that Adisvara who taught first the science of Hatha Yoga - a science that stands out as a ladder that leads to the higher heights of Raja Yoga."

"The Hatha Yoga cannot be obtained without the Raja Yoga, nor can the Raja Yoga be attained without the Hatha Yoga. Therefore, let the Yogi first learn the Hatha Yoga from the instructions of the wise Guru."

During this retreat we will be using techniques from Hatha yoga to calm the mind and awaken the Shakti within us. We will also explore the methods of Kashmiri Shaivism, where the effort becomes more subtle in nature, using the emotions, imagination, concentration of the mind and subtle gestures to further arouse the energy until the complete dissolution of the mind occurs and we enter into a state of absorption.



The schedule is an outline of how the day will proceed. Exact times will vary depending on how long it takes to complete the practices, technical explanations, lecture length and questions asked. Breaks will be given, but in order to not break the continuity of the states and energy level achieved during the practices they will not be long. Bear in mind that the retreat is meant to be intensive!

There will be approximately 2 hours of asana practice, 2 hours of pranayama and 3 1⁄2hours of meditation every day.


Morning Session: 6am - 12

  • Consecration
  • Music Meditation
  • Asana
  • Pranayama
  • Meditation
  • Meditation

Evening Session: 4pm - 8

  • Lecture Q&A
  • Music Meditation
  • Pranayama
  • Meditation



This retreat is aimed at intermediate to advanced practitioners of yoga. It relies on basic knowledge of Hatha Yoga (asanas, bandha's and pranayama). This is not a retreat for beginners with no prior knowledge of yoga, as it involves intensive practice and meditation for around 8 hours per day.

It is recommended that all participants have completed, at least, Agama's First Level Intensive course in order to be accustomed with the basics and our style of teaching.

A certain level of purity is required for participation in this retreat, which includes Abstinence from smoking, alcohol, recreational drugs and prescription medications. Persons with a history of psychological imbalance, anxiety, depression, etc... should not attend this retreat, unless those issues have been completely resolved.

These prerequisites are for the participants own safety and to ensure that the group energy during the retreat remains harmonious.


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