Essence of Tantra Workshop

Transform your lovemaking into a liberating spiritual experience.

Explore the “life embracing” approach of Tantric spirituality.

Learn skills to develop deeper, longer orgasms.


Essence of Tantra offers a very solid foundation of knowledge for anyone who is interested in being a Tantric lover. We begin the workshop by exploring basic Tantric philosophy- looking into it’s roots, history, and classifications to better understand the necessary mentality for any Tantric practitioner. It is important that the mind is properly purified and aligned to be able to truly create the space to enter into sacred sexuality. We use the yogic knowledge of Brahmacharya, sublimation, chakras and polarity of energy to build on this foundation. A complete hatha yoga practice will be given to support practitioners in their Tantric training.

As we enter into how to practice Tantra, we look at the stages of training: perception, control and channeling. We investigate the curves of pleasure for men and women and how they transform when one becomes a Tantric and learns how to not ejaculate and have powerful long lasting orgasms. The workshop then explores in detail how to become a Tantric woman: the importance of orgasm, how to develop a tantric orgasm, the difference between an explosive and implosive orgasm, detailed description of the 5 2 classical female orgasms, training of the pelvic floors muscles and the yogic approach to menstruation. We also thoroughly address how to become a Tantric man: phases of training (retention and orgasm), the 4 main tools (sublimation, mind control, muscles control and breath), important tips for training, emergency retention and how to orgasm. Most importantly, we will go deep into the teachings of Transfiguration, the path and the goal of Tantra, bringing the divine into love-making. We conclude this workshop with a powerful transfiguration ritual. 






Special Considerations:
  • It is not required to have a partner to take the workshops. And although the workshops generally have even numbers of men and women, if you come without a partner, Agama can not guarantee you will be provided one. 
  • Practical exercise vs theory lecturing - The workshops generally offer 30-60 min of exercise per 3 hour session, with the remainder comprising of lecture on Tantric theory.


Leonardo PortilhoThis workshop was really interesting way of experiencing my sexuality. I feel I have improved my performance not only in the sensual aspect, but I started to see and practice it in a sacred way, it has changed my way of relating with sexuality.


Vidya Henderson - Wow. This workshop is the best out there for laying down the fundamentals of tantra in such a rich way. The teachings bought great healing into my life and introduced the world of sacredness to my sexuality. Muktananda and Justine are the perfect couple to teach this material. They have so much integrity and dedication to the tradition, while still making the week fun and throughly enjoyable. I can't recommend them and the workshop highly enough.


Gabriel Tezier - I came to this workshop with an open mind but with no expectation of realization. What you have imparted yesterday (and throughout the week) cannot be valued. Yesterday will remain for me the anniversary date of yet stepping into another dimension of this wonderful yogic path. I do not know if everyone has measured fully the impact of that information, but for me this it is the "philosophal corner stone" of a divine temple. In this last week, I have been fed beyond my expectations and I want to reiterate that you guys are doing a job beyond adjectives. I have found honesty, authenticity, clarity, courage in this week, something that honor the yogic path. Beyond grateful I feel blessed to have received what you gave us. It would take a serious case of blindness not to see the work of Shakti and Siva behind all this, and I genuinely praise your capacity to channel these energies down to us.




ESSENCE OF TANTRA: How to become a Tantric practitioner: men have orgasm without ejaculation, woman develop deep, implosive orgasms, fertility, menstruation, transfiguration, etc.


EVOLVING THROUGH TANTRA: Bringing awareness to unconscious programming in relationships, overcoming inhibitions and refining sexuality through rituals.

*Tantra Fundamentals or Essentials is a pre-requisite for this workshop.


TANTRA OF RELATIONSHIPS: How to make your relationship part of your spiritual path. Models, tips and facts to enhance our understanding and connection with one another.

*There are no pre-requisite as it forces solely on relationship dynamics.


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