The Art of Dying Workshop

Prepare yourself for your own death.

Support your loved ones in the moment of death.

Self-awakening in the moment of death.

The art of dying correctly is equal to the art of living correctly. According to many spiritual traditions, death is one the most important moments for the soul’s spiritual evolution and future destiny. Would you like your death to be a liberating and spiritually transformative moment? In modern times, we are witnessing an appalling carelessness about the phenomenon of death, as well as a deep spiritual ignorance about its meaning. The contrast between our great attention to birth and our cold, medical treatment of the dying is reason enough to highlight the need for this workshop.


In the Art of Dying workshop you will gain a clear understanding about the process someone goes through as one approaches the moment of death, what happens to the body and soul as the person is dying, and the stages the soul passes through once it has left the body. We also explain the emotional process that unfolds as one approaches death, according to the research of Dr. Elizabeth Kubler Ross. You will have precise tools of how to support yourself and others through those stages, along with powerful methods to prepare for death during this lifetime. In addition, this workshop will facilitate your process of removing fears and taboos around death. This extensive knowledge of death allows one to pass onto the other side peacefully, happily, and consciously, thus getting the most profound benefits from the moment of death.

In this workshop we offer traditional teachings from Indian and Tibetan yoga as well as modern discoveries including:

The lectures and course papers offer precise instructions on how to prepare yourself (and others) for death as well as how to support someone through this process. A thorough description of what materials are recommended to have and also what obstacles may appear, so that one can be fully prepared to embrace death wisely.

It is said that when one learns how to die, he learns how to truly live. All of the practices one does to prepare for death are essentially the same as one would do to evolve their consciousness during their lifetime.



Rebecca Day - I thought the course Muktananda gave on The Art of Dying was not only extremely well thought out but delivered in a clear and structured way, that kept the class totally engaged through out. Muktananda’s enthusiasm and wealth of information was truly inspirational for me; the course compounded my spiritual beliefs and education helping me along my path. During and since the course I have found a strong connection with my father and aunt who passed on many years before, I feel they are with me all the time now; it makes me feel protected and loved, and I thank Muktananda dearly for that. I have recommended the course to many people and will continue to do so.


Esther Balla - I am very grateful having had the opportunity to attend the Art of dying workshop at Trika Yoga. It not only gave me a good introduction into the whole concept & philosophy from the ancient Tibetan wisdom but also changed my view of death. Who would have thought that all the knowledge & especially the practical "tools" & techniques we learned & practiced during the workshop, I would need to apply a couple of weeks later after the course when my father passed away. I truly believe it was meant to be like this & I don´t know how I would have handled this big loss without this knowledge I just learned! I feel blessed that I was able to support my father´s soul during the Bardo and after and it also helped me to go through this difficult time and the process of letting go.....

 Katy Martin - As an oncology and palliative care nurse I have a huge amount of experience with death but had always felt we were getting it very wrong in the west. The course was brilliant! Muktananda was able to explain the processes of dying (which incidentally corresponds with my experience of the physical changes people experience in their final moments) and inspire me and the other members in the group to confront our own mortality and live a life now that will prepare us for our inevitable passing from this this physical existence. Muktananda is a funny and engaging teacher with a huge amount of knowledge and a charismatic teaching style. He lives the teachings and I can't wait to learn more from him and the other Agama teachers in the future.


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