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Agama is a true yoga retreat

At the core of our program is the practice of an exceptional system of Kundalini-based Hatha Yoga and Laya Yoga, two of the most powerful elements of this age-old tradition. This is an approach nearly lost today which relies on energy awareness during Yoga practice to produce a highly accurate self-understanding of body, mind, and spirit.

We carefully craft our courses to ascend an individual through a deepening of asanas, pranayama, mantras, yogic philosophy, mahavidya initiations and deepening our understanding of the complete Chakra system.

We focus also on meditation, healing through detox cleanses and purification, exploration of special topics in-depth through immersion workshop courses, teacher training and destination-meditation retreats around the world.

  • Learn an authentic form of Yoga and explore the spiritual aspect of this practice.
  • Achieve greater health and vitality while finding balance and flexibility for your body, mind and emotions.
  • Dive deep into yourself, examine your habits and beliefs and learn a practical system to discover your full potential.

Agama’s 4 Week Yoga Intensive combines both theory and practice of an integral style of Yoga. This popular course goes far beyond instruction in physical postures, offering rarely-taught Yogic techniques for the mind and body. Visit the page for more details.


Agama’s workshops are designed to guide individuals to new heights of spiritual discovery; inward to heal themselves, upward to their full potential and outward to be of service. We combine the spiritual wisdom of the ancients with the latest breakthroughs in contemporary psychology, holistic health, and new-thought theory. Our workshops are range from 5-7 days, consisting of 3 hour sessions in the early afternoon and 3 hour sessions in the evening. These sessions include lecture, meditations, and exercises.
Workshop Details and Pricing
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Tantra Intensive Package

Discounted prices for taking all 3 of our Tantra Workshops as a single package.

This workshop is not currently scheduled
Essence of Tantra
How to become a Tantric practitioner: men have orgasm without ejaculation, woman develop deep, implosive orgasms, transfiguration, etc.
This workshop is not currently scheduled
Evolving through Tantra
Bringing awareness to unconscious programming in relationships, overcoming inhibitions and refining sexuality through rituals.
This workshop is not currently scheduled
Tantra of Relationships
How to make your relationship part of your spiritual path. Models, tips and facts to enhance our understanding and connection with one another.
This workshop is not currently scheduled
Art of Dying
Teachings on the process of death, afterlife, karma and reincarnation
Upcoming workshop: 27 - 29 Nov 2017
Conscious Evolution
Exploring the metaphysical principles that govern matter, mind and the greater realities. Teachings and techniques for understanding and assisting the evolution of one's soul.
This workshop is not currently scheduled
Serpent Power Intensive
The Serpent Power, Kundalini, represents the enormous untapped potential residing within us all. Using the core techniques of kundalini yoga we will stir up this power and propel ourselves into the realms of pure awareness.
This workshop is not currently scheduled
Tantric Astrology

Explore the occult science of astrology and learn the skills necessary for creating horoscopes, making predictions, and understanding relationships.

This workshop is not currently scheduled

Course Levels Offered

As one progesses through the levels you will learn additional asanas, pranayama, mantras, yogic philosophy, Maha vidya initiations and much more. Individuals are given a booklet of written matierial of the teachings for that month, plus additional informatin. In Rishikesh, we offer Levels 1 - 14. From there, we encourage our students to continue their studies under the direct guidance of Swami Vivekananda in Thailand.

Individuals may join the First Level Intensive Course at any time, and may repeat any days at no extra charge. An individual’s completion of course level 1 entitles him or her to a Agama Yoga achievement certificate (please note this is not a teacher’s training certificate). Agama's Yoga training programs are registered with both Yoga Alliance and the International Yoga Federation.

It is necessary for an individual to complete 13 full days of level one to be qualified to continue with level 2. If an individual has not fully completed all 24 days of level one, they are required to do so while attending level 2.

Agama is willing to offer Level 2 through 14 if there is a minimum of 5 individuals. At the moment we offer upper levels upon request. If you are trying to find more individuals interested in taking the level, it is recommended posting on the facebook Agama Community Phangan page. Also email to see if anyone else has expressed an interest.

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Course Fees

4 Week Yoga Intensive

The course fee is Rs 400 for the frist day (even if you just attend one hatha class or a lecture). Each day after that is Rs 950 per day, which includes a 2 hour yoga class in the morning (presentation of the new asana for the day and hatha yoga session), 2 hour evening hatha yoga session, and 1-2 hours evening lecture.

If you pay for the full level within the first week of starting the course, you get a discount coming to a total of $300 USD.

Once you have paid for the course you can repeat it for free in our Rishikesh center or in Koh Phangan Thailand (if there is enough room in the yoga hall). The same applies to all the upper levels as well.

LEVEL 2 & 3

Level 2 and 3 classes are held 3 times a week, the class is 3.5 hours in duration. The entire level cost $233 USD and is paid in full in the beginning of the course.

*We ask that the levels are paid in full because of how the credits  are transfered to the other Agama centers. 


Level 4 and up are offered twice a week, for a duration of 4 hours each. The level cost $140 and is paid in full at the begining of the course. 


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Course Registration

Pre-registation for the level one intensive is not needed. One can come and go as they like. Registration for level one happens at the end of each class.

For the second level and up it is required to attend the classes from the beginning of the month. If due to travel complications one is not able to make the starting date, please contact the school at

Registration for workshops happens the morning the workshop starts. We charge a flat fee for the whole workshop, daily drop-ins are not permitted for workshops. However, it is still good to write and let us know you will be attending the course.

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