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PLEASE NOTE: As of October 1st 2017 - Agama Yoga India will be holding all courses and workshops at:
Hotel Nirvana Palace, near Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Ram Jhula


Hotel Nirvana Palace


From Dehli to Hardiwar or Rishikesh:

1) Train from Delhi to Hardiwar. You can go to any travel agent in Pahar Ganj (opposite the New Delhi Railway Station) and they will help you book a train. You want to take a train from New Delhi to Hardiwar, which usually costs Rs 250-700. Be aware of when your stop is coming up; talk to the people on the train and ask for their help locating your stop. Hardiwar is not the train’s final stop. As a tourist, you can buy a ticket immediately upon arrival. Visit the Tourist Quote Office located adjacent to the New Delhi Train Station.

***Be aware of taxi drivers working with travel agents to scam you. If they take you to a travel agent and tell you your train ticket is canceled, do not believe them. Even if you run into someone who you think is a random person at the train station after leaving the travel agent and they also tell you your train is canceled, do not believe them. Such people are usually all working together. Find a couple official people to verify the status of your train.

2) Plane from New Delhi to Dehradun, which is about 30 min from Rishikesh. At the airport there are taxis that will bring you to Ram Jhula taxi stand for aprox 800 Rs. The following are some of the airlines that fly into Dehradun: King Fisher, Air Indian, and Jet Airways.

3) Taxi from Delih to Rishikesh is around Rs. 6,500 depending on time of year and holidays. If taking a taxi from New Delhi and NOT the airport, it is possible to hire one from within the city for Rs. 4,000. It is best to go directly to a taxi (usually the whites ones will do the long distances), instead of booking through a travel agent. You will pay at least twice as much through a travel agent.

4) Bus from Delhi to Rishikesh. Government buses leave every half hour and cost around Rs. 300-400. For an ISBT bus please go to Anand Vihar Bus Stand. It is recommended to take the high tech bus leaving at 7:30 am and 10:30 pm for aprox 260 rs

From Hardiwar to Rishikesh:

1. A local bus (approximately. Rs. 20 -25), which will take you to the Rishikesh bus stand and then a rickshaw (approximately Rs. 30) to Ram Jhoola taxi stand.

2. An auto rickshaw (Rs. 350 for a private ride), which takes approximately one hour directly to Ram Jhoola taxi stand. If you take a shared rickshaw is approximately Rs. 35 (this means that they can fill it with anyone they want and as many people as they want. It will take longer because you will stop more often.

3. A private taxi will cost Rs. 800 and also take you directly to Ram Jhoola taxi stand.

From Ram Jhoola taxi stand to Agama



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