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Agama is a complete Yoga retreat.- At the core of our program is the practice of an exceptional system of Kundalini-based Hatha Yoga and Laya Yoga, two of the most powerful elements of this age-old tradition. We carefully craft our courses to ascend an individual through a deepening of asanas, pranayama, mantras, yogic philosophy, mahavidya initiations and deepening our understanding of the complete Chakra system.

Agama Yoga is a registered member of both Yoga Alliance and The International Yoga Federation, thus are accredited to teach under the high standards of both organizations.



explains the multidimensional approach of Agama Yoga to the various levels of the practitioner: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.  


Summed up, Agama's purpose is to offer clear, inspiring guidance to today's spiritual aspirants who wish to reach the highest metaphysical goal of Yoga and spirituality: Enlightenment.


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PLEASE NOTE: As of October 1st 2017 - Agama Yoga India will be holding all courses and workshops at:
Hotel Nirvana Palace, near Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Ram Jhula

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Workshops & Courses


4 Week Yoga Intensive

In Rishikesh, at the heart of our retreat is our 4 Week Yoga Intensive Course. This powerfully transformative, month-long journey is structured to allow each student to progress through the curriculum at his or her own pace. The course is craftfully designed to empower complete integration in an individual's daily life, once away from India.

Learn more about 4 Week Yoga Intensive Course here.

Following Agama's first level course, an individual may choose to continue on through levels 2-14. Learn more about Agama's upper level classes here.


Agama’s workshops are designed to guide individuals to new heights of spiritual discovery; inward to heal themselves, upward to their full potential and outward to be of service. We combine the spiritual wisdom of the ancients with the latest breakthroughs in contemporary psychology, holistic health, and new-thought theory. Our workshops range from 5-7 days, consisting of 3 hour sessions in the early afternoon and 3 hour sessions in the evening. These sessions include lecture, meditations, and exercises in the following areas:

Learn more about Agama's workshops here.

Why Rishikesh

According to Lonely Planet:

“Ever since the Beatles rocked up at an ashram -or locus of Hindu cultural activity- in the late ‘60s, Rishikesh has been a magnet for spiritual seekers. Today it styles itself as the ‘Yoga Capital of the World’, with masses of ashrams and yoga/meditation classes of all kinds. Most of this action is north of the main town, where the exquisite setting on the fast-flowing Ganges, surrounded by forested hills, is conducive to meditation and mind expansion. In the evening, an almost supernatural breeze blows down the valley, setting temple bells ringing as sadhus -spiritual men-, pilgrims and tourists prepare for the nightly Ganga Aarti -a fire offering or ritual performed on the Ganges-."

In Rishikesh, one can learn to play the sitar or tabla, try Hasya -laughter therapy-, practice humming or gong meditation, or even explore crystal healing. The area also has a popular white-water rafting centre, backpacker/rock climbing scene and is a gateway to treks in the Himalaya. 

The area is considered by Hindus to be a holy city and is vegetarian by law. And always be sure to look twice! Cows roam freely in the streets and always have the right of way if they stop traffic.

Geographically, Rishikesh is divided into two main areas: the crowded, downtown area -Rishikesh town-, where one will find the bus and train stations; and the riverside communities 2km upstream around Ram Jhula and Lakshman Jhula, where most of the accommodation, ashrams, restaurants and travelers are located.

There are two jhula -suspension bridges- that cross the river are pedestrian-only – though scooters and motorcycles freely use them. Swarg Ashram, located on the eastern bank, is the traffic-free ‘spiritual centre’ of Rishikesh, while High Bank, west of Lakshman Jhula, is a small enclave popular with backpackers.

Running through the center of Rishikesh is the Ganges River, a sacred body of flowing water that leaves the Shivalik mountains in the Himalayas to the immediate north and flows down into the plains of India. Several temples -ancient and new- can be found along the banks of the Ganges, throughout Rishikesh.

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